Nursery & Kids Wallpaper

Ignite your little one's imagination with our bright, beautiful and captivating children's wallpapers. From woodland animal scenes, pretty flowers, colourful rainbows and exciting jungles and safaris, our playful collection of nursery and children's wallpapers will be sure to delight and capture your children's hearts. Whether you're looking for a boy, girl or gender-neutral wallpaper, a bold, bright and contemporary design or a classical and enchanting old world scene, we have a collection of nursery and kids wallpapers that will inevitably add timeless charm, and immeasurable fun to any kid's space you create.

Capture Their Imagination

Transforming your little one’s room into a magical space involves more than just decorating walls – it's about creating an environment that nurtures their imagination and reflects their unique personality. Our collection of child’s room and nursery wallpapers feature a range of themes, colours, and patterns specially designed to spark joy and inspire young minds. From playful animals and magical landscapes to soothing pastels and vibrant hues, our nursery and kids room wallpaper collection is sure to create a magical backdrop for endless adventures and sweet dreams for your child.

Visually stimulate your children

Our range of engaging kid’s room and baby nursery wallpaper designs are a great way to provide visual stimulation for toddlers and infants. We offer colourful patterns, playful characters, and nature-inspired motifs for your baby girl or baby boy nursery wallpaper to captivate their attention and encourage exploration.

Reflect their interests and hobbies

Consider your child's interests and hobbies when selecting a kids bedroom wallpaper. Whether they love animals, space exploration, dinosaurs, princesses, superheroes, or nature, choosing the perfect wallpaper that aligns with their passions can spark creativity and imagination.

Coordinate with the room decor

When choosing from our kids and nursery room wallpaper collection, it’s essential to consider how it will complement the existing decor elements. This includes coordinating colours, patterns, and motifs with furniture, bedding, curtains, and accessories to achieve a cohesive and balanced look in your kid’s or baby’s room.

Start by identifying the dominant colours and themes already present in the room. This could be the colour of the furniture, the bedding patterns, or any themed decor items such as wall art or rugs. Once you have a clear understanding of the existing decor, you can choose a kid’s or baby nursery wallpaper design that complements and enhances these elements.

Take age into consideration

It’s important to select wallpaper that suits your child’s age when decorating their rooms. Baby wallpaper for infants and toddlers, for example, should provide soothing themes. The best nursery wallpaper includes soft pastels, gentle animals, or dreamy landscapes. Older children may prefer themes that reflect their interests, such as sports, animals, fantasy worlds, or favourite characters from books or movies.

One of the great things about our collections is that we offer removable wallpaper. Removable wallpaper for kids will make their transitions throughout life easier, from babies to toddlers to tweens to young adults. If they outgrow a style it's easy to switch the decor. Kids' rooms should be a sanctuary - their unique personal space where they feel safe. We offer girls’ wallpaper and boys’ wallpapers for older ages as well, ensuring your kid’s bedrooms will always suit the person they grow into and their individual styles.

Want to remain gender neutral?

If you're looking for gender-neutral wallpaper options for your child’s space, consider themes like nature, geometric patterns, a world map, abstract designs, or classic motifs that remain visually appealing to both boys and girls without stereotyping.

Looking to decorate other rooms?

We offer a wide range of wallpapers - from bathroom flower wallpapers to textured living room designs. Browse our website collection today to find your perfect wallpaper.

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