Story & Mission

Walls. They are the pillars of our homes and the backbones of interior architecture. They play an important role in shaping the character and atmosphere of the buildings we live in. Over time they change and build their own narrative, reflecting the lives of the people that wander between them.

Their stories can be charming, whimsical, sad, dramatic or beautiful but they should never be boring. They have a nostalgic connection with their inhabitants, watching over us in silence, (keeping our secrets), whilst gracefully entertaining and enduring our decorative whims.

And so, our story is really their story.

With our sole purpose to create beautiful stories for your walls, we hope our handcrafted pieces of art will inspire imagination, soothe the soul and bring indelible charm and character to your home.



We are an Australian brand but our beginnings are deeply rooted in the sands of the United Arab Emirates.  Our designs are for you, your children, your home and beyond. We are an online wallpaper store catering to our UAE customers uae.storiesforwalls.com and to our Australian and global customers au.storiesforwalls.com.


Founder & Designer

Every Stories For Walls design is hand crafted or curated by Australian artist and graphic designer Loretta at her coastal home studio in Brighton, Queensland. A fine artist who has studied at the Tasmainian School of Art, Loretta has an extensive career in graphic design and digital art working with global advertising agencies for 20 years.



Whether you’re looking for flora and fauna, exotic chinoiserie or breathtaking landscapes, the smart simplicity of Scandinavian design or charming and dreamy children’s art – our collections have something for everyone. If you’re looking for a design that reflects your individuality, character and story, our design team can create something that is perfectly you.