World Maps

Explore the world in the comfort of your own home with our diverse collection of world map wallpapers. Our world maps are designed with every age group in mind. Whether it's to inspire your little ones to travel the world, or to add an elegant focal point to your living space inspiring adventure and discussion, our world maps will make a fabulous addition to your home with a theme that resonates with you.

The Big Wide World

Set your sights for new adventures with our World map wallpapers. Our maps will transform your wall into a stunning focal point adding inspiration and exploration to any space. In the living room, you can create a traveller’s paradise with a world map feature wall, or make learning fun for kids by incorporating playful map wallpaper murals in their bedrooms or playrooms. In a home library or reading nook, create a cozy atmosphere with vintage-style world map wallpapers, and unconventional spaces like basements or recreational areas can also benefit from the adventure-inspired touch of world map wallpapers, transforming them into unique getaway spots.

Explore these room-inspiration ideas to infuse your home with a sense of adventure, curiosity, and global exploration.

Which map style is right for you?

To choose the right world map wallpaper for your space, you need to first evaluate your existing colour scheme. Does the room have a neutral colour palette with earthy tones? Maybe it has a blue colour scheme? Or does it feature bold, dark tones? Whatever the theme of the room, you should choose a design that complements and enhances not only the colour scheme, but the room decor. For example, if your room is made up of neutral, earthy tones, you might choose a vintage map with warm, aged colours to create a harmonious look.

Next, consider the style of the map – our prints include vintage, artistic, and political world maps – and choose the one that suits your style and aesthetic preferences the most. You also need to consider the theme you want the wallpaper to convey. Is this an educational map for a study? A decorative art piece for a living room? Maybe it’s a playful, engaging design for a toddler?

Your personal preferences and taste should guide your decision for a wallpaper world map. Our team is also more than happy to assist you in choosing the right world map wallpaper for your needs.

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