Terms Of Use

Acceptances & Applicability
These Terms and Conditions are to be construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia. By accepting a Stories For Walls quote and proceeding to payment, you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise stipulated in writing. Every order requested by a customer and processed by Stories For Walls  shall act as an agreement between the customer and Stories For Walls and each party accepts that the following Terms and Conditions shall apply herewith. 

About Stories For Walls 
Stories For Walls is based and operated from Brisbane Australia. We partner with suppliers in both Dubai and Australia. Customers can reach us on hello@storiesforwalls.com or by mobile on +61 400 740 780 or by WhatsApp on +61 400 740 780.

ABN: 777 91452 019

Payments, Shipping & Estimates
All prices for our products listed on our Website exclude UAE VAT. We are an Australian tax registered company and although we work with UAE suppliers, we do not charge VAT and absorb all taxes for our UAE customers.

All projects will only be printed on proof of receipt of a 100% payment and the monies cleared. Payments can be made by using credit card or Paypal. Printing will not proceed until final client approval has been sent via email. Stories For Walls does not accept any responsibility for project delays due to late payments, late sign offs, technical difficulties outside of our control or incorrectly prepared wall surfaces. Please refer to our Wall Preparation page for full requirements. Our prices are based on the cost of materials and production costs at the time the estimate was created. Our estimates are valid for 14 days from date of estimate.

Customers have the obligation to notify inaccuracies in their payment details immediately after discovery.

We try and ensure that all details, descriptions and prices, which appear on our Website, are accurate. Nonetheless, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of any product that the customer has ordered we will inform him or her of this as soon as possible and give the customer the option of reconfirming the order at the correct price or cancelling it. 

Wall Measurements
Stories For Walls assumes that the customer has measured their wall according to our measurement guidelines. Any measurements given to Stories For Walls by the customer are solely the responsibility of the customer and should be checked again against our quote and invoice. Stories For Walls will not be held responsible for either incorrect sizes and measurements given by the customer, or for incorrect sizes approved by the customer during the invoice or artwork process.

If your initial wall measurements are incorrect and require further revisions, a minimum artwork fee of AED150 will apply. For complicated walls or walls with obstructions or irregular shapes, our advice is to hire our team to measure for you to avoid any errors or unnecessary artwork revisions. The fee for our team to measure your wall is AED150 and can be purchased here

As a general rule, all walls are skew and not completely flat. For any measurements given to Stories For Walls by the client or entered into our calculator, we will add an extra 10cm onto each provided dimension as bleed/buffer. This buffer will accommodate any measuring inaccuracies or wall level imperfections and ensure your wallpaper is not cut too short.

Wall Height Regulations
If your wall is taller than 380cm for health and safety reasons, we will need to charge a AED500 scaffolding fee. This fee is applicable due to the extra time and staff required to assemble and dissemble the scaffolding plus truck transportation. This information is accessible on every wallpaper product page across www.storiesforwallsuae.com.

Double Check Your Measurements
It is the full responsibility of the client to check information against the quote and final invoice. All measurements and details must be checked again before proceeding to payment. Payment of our invoice acts as an approval of all provided measurements. Once payment has been made, if any measurements outlined in the invoice are incorrect, Stories For Walls will not be held responsible. 

Material Selection
Stories For Walls assumes that the customer has chosen the correct wallpaper material for their space. i.e. if the wallpaper is being installed in a bathroom or where water and steam will come into direct contact, the Self Adhesive Vinyl material must be specified. If the customer has chosen either our Self Adhesive Vinyl or our Peel & Stick Removable materials, the customer must also ensure their wall surface does not have any reflective or wash and wear characteristics, otherwise the material may not adhere long term. If they customer chooses our seamless Pasted, Traditional Pasted or Self Adhesive Vinyl wallpapers, they do so knowing that these materials will lift paintwork when removed and will require their walls to be re-prepared and re-painted after removal.

The wallpaper imagery and room settings on our site are for visual purposes only. Products may vary from the images on screen. A digital preview is never realistic enough in terms of colour and contrast. Whatever is printed out can never be expected to be the same as that seen on a computer monitor. Even an enlarged version of the same image will also differ from the digital preview.  Our wallpapers are also printed on 3 different materials and each material produces a slightly different colour variation. 

As such we recommend ordering samples and the responsibility for this falls upon the client, who must request a sample print before proceeding with their full wallpaper. Stories For Walls does not accept any liability for colour discrepancies for any wallpaper orders that were not initiated with a sample print. To see costings for sample prints please click here.  

NB: As a prerequisite for all projects initiated by interior designers, we require samples to be ordered and printed before the order can proceed.

All artwork provided by Stories For Walls  may only be used by customers with the consent of Stories For Walls.

All artwork purchased and created by Stories For Walls for the customer remains the intellectual property of Stories For Walls and can be reissued for other customers unless otherwise stipulated in writing.

Proofs of all artworks will be submitted for customer’s approval via email. After approval, Stories For Walls  shall not be liable for any errors which were not corrected by the customer in the proofs as submitted. Additional charges shall be made for any extra proofs that are required as a result of alterations requested by the customer after approval.

Stories For Walls  has the right to charge the customer for any approved design time, regardless whether or not the customer proceeds with printing the final product or not.

Stories For Walls  reserves the right to use photographs of installed wallpapers for advertising, marketing and portfolio uses. Stories For Walls  will never use or advertise any personal artworks or photographs supplied by the customer for the design of their wallpaper.

Stories For Walls will not be held responsible for images purchased and edited by the customer's own designers.

Images supplied to Stories For Walls  may have certain scale limitations and its inherit quality may not be suitable to fit certain wall specifications.

In the event of artwork supplied by the client or purchased online, Stories For Walls  can make suggestions if they feel the image quality does not match an acceptable standard; Stories For Walls cannot be held responsible for the overall quality of artwork provided by the customer or purchased online.

Turnaround/Lead Time
The turnaround time is measured in working days and begins as follows

  1. Quote/estimate is approved
  2. 100% up front payment is made via our website
  3. Artwork is completed within 2-3 days from purchase and is sent to the customer for approval
  4. Sign off is received from the customer in writing via email - timeframe pending customer's response
  5. Upon approval, the artwork is immediately sent to the printers and queued for print, pending the printer's current schedule (usually within 2-3 working days)
  6. Installation (for Seamless Pasted, Traditional Pasted and Self Adhesive Vinyl orders only), is scheduled pending both the installation team and customer's availability (usually within 4-5 working days from artwork approval). Peel & Stick Removable orders do not include installation. These orders are printed and shipped from Australia within approximately 10-12 business days from artwork approval.

Stories For Walls will not be held liable for any loss the customer may incur from our team not meeting unreasonable deadlines.

Rushed Jobs
Any project order that requires a maximum of a 5 working day turnaround period (from purchase to installation) will be considered a rushed job. An additional 5% surcharge will be added to the final invoice.

Stories For Walls aims to provide the best quality in the short time allocated, but should there be any flaws or inconsistencies due to the limited time allocated, Stories For Walls  will not be held responsible for loss of quality on receipt of the completed print. Rushed jobs will be at the risk of the customer.

Wall Preparation
Before installing your wallpaper, you are required to prepare your wall as per our wall preparation guidelines here. Wall preparation is the full responsibility of the customer.

No installation may take place unless free unencumbered space is provided for the team to work in.

On installation, our team will not remove any devices or wall fixtures and will cut around these items. Should the customer prefer that wallpaper not be cut away, then this would be for the customer's own arrangement for removal of fixtures.

Walls should be prepared according to our guidelines hereStories For Walls  will not be held liable for any walls that have been ill-prepared or painted with incorrect wall finishes.

On the day of installation, our team will thoroughly check your wall for any bumps and imperfections. If our team finds any issues with your wall, you will have two options:

1. After reviewing the issues, if you're still happy to go ahead with the installation, our team will proceed provided you email hello@storiesforwalls.com or message us on WhatsApp 050 8454622, and state in writing that you are happy to continue with the installation and understand that some of the wall's imperfections may show through the material. 

2. If you are not happy to proceed and would like more time to prepare your wall, our team will visit on another day. A second callout fee of AED100 will apply before our installation team will revisit. 

Please be present at all times for your wallpaper installation. If you think there are any aesthetic issues or any joins are not satisfactory, please advise the installers immediately while they are still at your premises. If any issues are flagged after the installers are gone, we cannot guarantee the issues can be fixed. Your presence at the installation is imperative to ensure you are happy with the installation before they leave. To see our full terms for installation please click here

Pattern Matching - Our installers will take the utmost care to join the designs from tile to tile as perfectly as possible, but due to anomalies in wall levels, some slight discrepancies can be expected. Almost all walls are slightly uneven and never 100% completely flat. Some walls have subtle gradual dips and mounds which can be more noticeable with the use of spirit levels. Uneven walls require the wallpaper to be either slightly stretched or can create a small percentage of slack which can affect perfect joining. As a result, it is not unusual for an installed wallpaper to have one or two joins that may not be completely perfect. 

However, if your wallpaper has one or two matching discrepancies, this is considered normal, but if any full length joins from top to bottom are not matching this is considered a fault in either the installation or the pattern and must be corrected. If you notice any obvious issues with joins please notify the team before they leave. You can also send a photo to Stories For Walls  via WhatsApp (+61400740780) so that we may assess the issue before the team leaves.

Join visibility - Our seamless pasted has no joins. Our traditional pasted material uses butt joins. Butt joins do not have overlaps and are less visible, however please note that a join can never be completely invisible.  Our vinyl self adhesive material has a 1cm overlapping join which can cast slight shadows. The visibility of these joins varies on different designs, background colours and in different room settings and lighting. Our peel and stick removable material has 1cm overlapping joins. The joins for this material do not cast shadows and whilst not invisible, are difficult to see.

Customer Errors
Please note, any issues due to customer’s inaccurate wall measurements or inadequately prepared wall surfaces, are the responsibility of the customer. Our team will do our best to help rectify the issue as cost efficiently as possible, but if any reprints or new wall preparations are required, this will be at the expense of the customer.

After Care & Longevity
Peeling - Our Self Adhesive Materials typically last 4-5 years indoors and our Traditional Pasted materials usually last indefinitely if cared for correctly. However sometimes peeling can occur.

To help improve your wallpaper's longevity we advise the following:

  1. do not install your wallpaper onto a wall painted with ‘Wash & Wear’ paint, paints with oil bases or onto a paint that uses Stain Release Technology. These types of paints have coated surfaces that are designed to repel dirt and will not allow your wallpaper to stick long term. If in doubt before installation regarding your wall’s paint surface, give your wall a light sanding and add a water based primer coat
  2. avoid aggressive AC blowing directly onto your wallpaper within close proximity. Constant air fanning directly onto your wallpaper will cause air to get under your wallpaper and lift
  3. keep your adhesive product away from direct sunlight and heat sources, e.g. avoid installing your wallpaper onto a wall that is frequently warm and/or has an exterior side facing direct sunlight, as constantly heated walls soften adhesives
  4. keep your wallpaper in a constant controlled temperature of 18-24 degrees. If you leave your wallpaper in a room that has no AC for extended periods of time (e.g. UAE summer holidays), the extreme heat build up in the room can cause your wallpaper’s adhesive to soften and your wallpaper can peel.

If a product is faulty it will not adhere correctly during installation so we are confident that any peeling issues that arise for your wallpaper after installation are determined by external factors such as paint ingredients, heated wall surfaces and aggressive AC. If your wallpaper begins to peel within 6 months of installation, we can send our team to assess your wallpaper’s condition. The team will most likely apply double sided tape to reinforce your wallpaper. This is a courtesy (free) repair service within this 6 month time frame, however for customers residing outside of the Dubai emirate, there is a AED150 fuel surcharge. If your wallpaper peels after 6 months, our team can revisit for a repair fee of AED150. (Fuel surcharge of AED150 applies for customers outside of the Dubai emirate).

Air bubbles - Small blisters and air bubbles can sometimes naturally form under both our self adhesive and traditional wallpapers as the material is non porous (i.e. it is non breathable), so air can get trapped.  If there are noticeable air bubbles immediately after installation, please advise our team before they leave your premises and they will remove them.

For our self adhesive materials, small air bubbles can be easily removed by customers following our steps below. If any large air bubbles appear (please send us a photo), within 1 month from installation, Stories For Walls will offer one free visit to fix the air bubbles. (Dubai customers only). If any large air bubbles appear in your wallpaper outside of that time frame (or you reside in another emirate), we have provided two methods to help you DIY remove your air bubbles from our Self Adhesive materials as follows:

1. Using a squeegee or credit card, gently push the air bubbles out to the edge of the wallpaper or a join, so the air can escape.

2. If the air bubble is too far from the edge of the wallpaper or a join, simply prick the wallpaper with a fine pin (i.e. a sewing pin) and then gently flatten the air bubble down using squeegee or dry sponge.

If any large or noticeable air bubbles appear within 1 month of a Traditional Wallpaper installation, please send us a photo and we will review the issue. Our team may visit and inject the air bubble with wallpaper paste and then flatten it to remove the air bubble. For customers outside of the Dubai Emirate a AED150 fuel surcharge will apply.

Cleaning - To spot clean any of our wallpaper materials use only a lightly dampened cloth. Do not soak the wallpaper, use detergents or scrub. 

Because Stories For Walls  cannot be certain of the types of paints that have been used on your walls prior to installation, or the exact conditions your wallpaper is frequently subjected to, we cannot offer a long term warranty. Furthermore, due to the high temperatures of the UAE, residential homes are constantly subjected to extreme heat over the summer months and as such, none of our wallpaper manufacturers will offer UAE distributors any warranty on wallpapers intended for the UAE market. However as a courtesy to our UAE customers, we offer a free repair service within the first 6 months of installation to any wallpapers that are subject to peeling. (For customers residing outside of the Dubai emirate, there is a AED150 fuel surcharge). If your wallpaper peels after this 6 month period, our team can revisit for a repair fee of AED150. (Fuel surcharge of AED150 applies for customers outside of the Dubai emirate).

Packaging & Delivery
Stories For Walls  takes utmost care to package goods securely and will not be held responsible for damages incurred whilst in transit and in the care of the courier company. The responsibility rests on the courier company/transport company to ensure goods are received in good order.

In the event that a delay should result due to poor management on behalf of the courier company, Stories For Walls denies all claims or penalties for late delivery. It is the responsibility of the customer to order their products in good time and allow for delivery delays.

Our samples are delivered in simple packaging rolled up in a plastic sleeve. We do not send our samples in heavy weighted cardboard tubes. We have simplified our sample shipping to minimise our customers' shipping costs and help reduce our carbon footprint. We thank you for your understanding.

International deliveries: If you have chosen our Peel and Stick removable wallpaper this material is DIY installation only and is couriered directly from Brisbane, Australia within 2-3 weeks of your order.  We will send you a tracking number once it has been shipped. As the recipient, you are liable for all import duties, customs and local sales taxes levied by the UAE.

Cancellations and Artwork Changes
If you would like to cancel your wallpaper and receive a refund you must do so before your artwork is created and sent to you for approval. Artworks usually take 1-3 days to be presented after you have made your purchase. If you cancel after your artwork has been presented (but before printing), we will happily refund your wallpaper less a 1 hour artwork fee (AED150) and a 2% credit card fee that we are charged by our payment gateway provider, regardless of whether your sale is completed or refunded. We cannot not cancel your wallpaper once it has been printed.

If you would like to completely change your wallpaper design before printing this is possible however, if your artwork has already been presented there will be a 1 hour artwork fee (AED150) added to your order to redo your artwork. If you change the design before we have presented your artwork there is no fee to change the design.

Returns & Exchanges
Stories For Walls does not offer returns, exchanges or refunds for any reason except for damaged or defective prints. Stories For Walls does not hold stock. Every order is made to print and therefore, every order is made and prepared just for our customers. Once you have made your online purchase, you have entered an agreement with Stories For Walls to begin work on your project. Change of mind after artwork has been completed, printed or installed, or a request to reduce the fee after payment has been made, is non-refundable either in full; or in part. Our artwork fees (based on an hourly rate of AED150), are included in the price of your wallpaper and cannot be refunded once artwork has commenced.

If a print or product is believed to be defective, the customer must get in touch with Stories For Wallswithin 7 days of receiving their order along with clear photos of the issue so that Stories For Walls may assess the issue.

Design Fees & Custom Designs
Stories For Walls charges an hourly design fee of AED150. Any custom design projects undertaken with Stories For Walls are subject to this fee. Small amendments to an existing design on our website or a new simple design request usually incurs a 1-2 hour design fee. Larger or more complicated designs usually take 4-5 hours design, depending on the customer's request.

All larger custom designs on average require 1-2 weeks lead time dependant on our current schedule at the time of purchase. Custom designs include two rounds of revisions and a free printed sample. The final wallpaper design is subject to the customer's approval and is printed by us.  If the customer is not satisfied with the design, they are not obligated to purchase the full wallpaper. However, whilst Stories For Walls will ensure that we follow the customer's brief as closely as possible, (and will do our best to answer all the customer’s design requests), if the customer is still not satisfied with our final design and chooses to not proceed with the full wallpaper, we do not offer design fee refunds.

Unless the customer has submitted their own designs or photography, any custom designs created by Stories For Walls remain the intellectual property of Stories For Walls and we reserve the right to sell those customised designs on our website. Stories For Walls will not sell any designs that incorporate imagery of your family or designs created by you, that you have asked us to enlarge and artwork for your wall. 

All custom designs must be printed by Stories For Walls. Any artworks commissioned by Stories For Walls cannot be printed elsewhere and final wallpaper artworks created by Stories For Walls(unless they are the customer's own design or photography), remain the intellectual property of Stories For Walls.

Complaints & Disputes
Should a customer have a complaint, please do not hesitate to email us at hello@storiesforwalls.com and we will look into the complaint as soon as possible.

After filing a complaint, we ask our customers to give us up to four weeks to resolve the problem.

We will always do our utmost to prevent disputes from arising. In the unfortunate event that a dispute associated with these terms and conditions does arise, the dispute or claim shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Australian courts.

Changes To Terms of Service
You can review the most current version of our Terms and Conditions at any time by viewing this page. Stories For Walls reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to update, change or replace any part of these Terms of Service by posting updates and changes to our website. It is your responsibility to check our website periodically for changes. Your continued use of or access to our website or the Service following the posting of any changes to these Terms of Service constitutes acceptance of those changes.

These Terms of Service were last updated December 1st 2021.


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