How to avoid reprints

Selling by the roll vs made to measure

Stories For Walls is a made to measure wallpaper studio that specialises in mural designs. That means that we do not sell wallpapers in rolls or have batches of the same wallpaper in stock. Instead we customise our designs to fit into your wall's shape as best we can and then print your wallpaper with as little wastage as possible. The end result is a beautiful, retro fitted mural to your wall and no wasted costs on those extra 'just in case' rolls. Need that giraffe to move a little to the left to avoid it's head being cut out by a window? No problem. As we're the creators of our murals, we can move (some) elements in the design to ensure that all the important elements are visible in your installed product. (NB: If your wall size/shape requires significant design adjustments, a design fee may apply).

It is the most cost efficient way to order a mural wallpaper and it's why our wallpapers look so perfect on your wall.

Other wallpaper brands only sell by the roll which often means when you install your wallpaper, any obstructions in your wall or even the length of your wall can mean important parts of the mural are cut out, thus ruining the overall aesthetic of your wallpaper. Unfortunately it's a common mistake for customers to miscalculate how much they need or to forget to consider their wall's obstructions.

How can I ensure I've ordered enough?

Getting your measurements right and letting us know of any obstructions in your wallpaper is super important to ensure there's no installation headaches, material shortages or unnecessary reprints . To avoid this, we offer helpful measuring tips here or for only AED100 our team will come on site and measure for you. If your final order is over 15sqm we'll credit the AED100 back onto your final wallpaper purchase. 

What if I haven't ordered enough?

It's ok. These things happen. Don't panic. If we arrive to install your wallpaper and discover your measurements are incorrect there are two options:

1. We can print a patch to help cover your measuring mistake. It's the most cost efficient solution for our customers however, it's important to note that if we print a new patch, there is always a chance the patch's colours will not perfectly match your original printed wallpaper. This is because ordering wallpaper in different batches frequently means different colour results. Please read our section below on 'Printing wallpaper in different batches'.

2. We can print your full wallpaper again, this time with the correct size. Obviously this is your least cost efficient way to rectify your measuring error, but it does ensure that there are no colour matching issues. To help customers with their full reprint costs, we always offer a maximum 15% discount. 

Printing wallpaper in different batches

As mentioned above, we are a made to measure wallpaper company and we do not print by the roll, nor do we hold any stock. We print your wallpaper to perfectly fit your wall and it's printed fresh, just for you. If you require a wallpaper patch or decide to order more of the same wallpaper for your room at a later date, you may discover that your wallpaper colours simply don't match. 

The reason this happens is because printing is considered ‘an event’. i.e. it’s not exactly the same every time. Each printing session is unique. The inks are liquid sitting in large canisters in the machine. They are affected by the air temperature and the temperature of the machine every time it prints. Cold air, warm air, humidity (or no humidity) at the time of printing, can affect exactly how fast or slow the inks shoot out of the canisters. We can print the exact same design on the exact same machine on the exact same batch of material in the morning, and then print it again in the afternoon, and there can still be a slight colour difference between the morning wallpaper and the afternoon wallpaper. It's why all wallpaper manufacturers around the world, remind customers to ensure they are ordering enough material for their wall so that everything is printed in the one batch.

Before Stories For Walls prints a wallpaper, we will remind our customers to remeasure their wall one more time, (or get our team to measure for you), so that we can all be sure that your wallpaper's size is correct and no patches or reprints will be necessary. 


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