How To Assess Your Current Wall Finish

If you are a renter, or cannot remember the type of paint you last used on your wall, this checklist might help you determine whether your wall surface is appropriate for our self adhesive materials. However please note, the current checklist is by no means an absolute or indisputable method to ascertain whether your wall has been painted with a product that has reflective characteristics. If in doubt, we always recommend to sand back and repaint with a water based primer.
  1. Does your wall have a sheen or glossy finish?
  2. Does your wall feel silky smooth to the fingertips?
  3. Can you easily wipe away dirt from your wall with a damp cloth without damaging the paintwork or leaving marks?
  4. Is your wall scuff resistant and hard to leave marks on?
  5. Have decals or stickers fallen down from your wall in the past?

If you have answered yes to 3 or more of these questions, there's a high probability that your wall has been painted with a product that has some degree of repelling/wash and wear characteristics i.e. Teflon, Latex, Silicon or similar. We would advise to err on the side of caution and at minimum, lightly sand back your wall to gently add some texture to your wall surface and remove the top reflective coat of your wall's surface. For best results, after sanding back your wall, add a water based primer. We do not accept any liability for our self adhesive wallpapers if they fall down. If your wallpaper falls down, this is evidence that your paint surface is repelling the adhesive and needs to be sanded back and painted again with a water based primer. 

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