Measuring and Wall Assessment Service

If you are having issues measuring your wall or unsure if your wall surface needs further preparation, we offer a Measuring and Wall Assessment Service. This service is provided by our installation team for a fee of AED150. 

You can purchase this service here.

This fee includes:

  • A full wall measurement. Our team will measure the widest and highest points (in cm) of any walls or surfaces that you intend to cover with a Stories For Walls wallpaper product.

  • A wall feature assessment. Our team will note down any recesses, plug points, windows, fixtures, hooks or door positions (and their dimensions), which may affect the aesthetics of a mural. Some features we may advise you to remove, (i.e. light fixtures, shelving etc), whilst other elements like windows or doors obviously cannot be removed. By noting their positions in the wall, we may be able to move some elements around in the mural design to avoid them being cut out, due to the permanent position of these features.

  • A paint finish and texture assessment. Our team cannot ascertain exactly which sort of paint finish is currently on your wall however, they will be able to tell if it's a gloss paint or if it has a sealant.  Some stain resistant paints are still very matte so we cannot be 100% sure how well our self adhesive material will stick to your wall and therefore we cannot take any responsibility if you order a self adhesive material and it peels off. If you are unsure of your paint surface, these questions here may help you decide. Our team will initially check whether your paint surface has a matte, gloss, semi-gloss appearance, and will feel your wall to see if it's silky smooth or has a more chalky feel to it. They will check if your wall is porous, coated or sealed. They will also check for incompatible wall surfaces like treated stainless steel, brass or bronze, along with any signs that your wall may have a gloss enamel or reflective finish that may affect our self adhesive PVC Free product from adhering to your wall. If in doubt regarding whether your paint is stain resistant and you wish to order our self adhesive or peel and stick materials, then we recommend lightly sanding back your wall.

  • A wall condition assessment. Our team will throughly check your wall for bumps, grit, rough patches, loose paint, cracks, indents or dust across the wall which may show through our self adhesive wallpaper products and/or affect their ability to adhere to your wall. 

  • A wall level assessment. All walls are slightly skew and never completely flat which inevitably creates very minor discrepancies in your wallpaper's joins. These slight discrepancies due to wall unevenness are normal. However, our team will check for any obvious signs of unevenness that may dramatically affect a mural or patterned wallpaper's ability to line up correctly.

  • A wall colour assessment. Our team will check for any patchiness, dark and light areas and colour inconsistencies across your wall, and assess whether the existing colour on your wall is too dark and may show through our self adhesive products.

Our assessment team will take a photo of your wall to share with Stories For Walls to ensure all features of the wall are taken into consideration before artwork is sent to print. 

Please note: This service is for measuring your wall and assessing the condition of your wall in preparation for installation only. It does not include any wall preparation, treatment, sanding or painting etc. Once the assessment team have reported back to Stories For Walls with their comments regarding your wall's measurements and condition, Stories For Walls will send an email and advise if any further wall preparation needs to be completed before installation. All wall preparation is the full responsibility of the customer.

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